trail of terror

    the harvest

    coming fall 2023

  1. In the town of Central Valley,
  2. Where the pumpkin fields do grow,
  3. There was a creature called the Harvester,
  4. Whose horrors we all know.
  5. With eyes that glowed like burning coals,
  6. And teeth that shone like knives,
  7. It stalked the pumpkin fields at night,
  8. And terrorized our lives.
  9. It harvested the pumpkins,
  10. With a speed that was unmatched,
  11. And left them mutilated,
  12. In a grotesque and twisted patch.
  13. So beware, oh pumpkin growers,
  14. And keep a watchful eye,
  15. For the Harvester is out there,
  16. If only we knew why.
  17. -unknown, 1800s